♬  Large Ensemble

Accepting applause after a performance of Teton Pass.  «  

Awakening for Wind Ensemble
Aubade for the Midnight Sun for Wind Ensemble
The Cremation of Sam McGee for Baritone and Percussion
Symphony № 1 “The Grand Tetons”
Amphigory for SATB and Ensemble
Accidental Wizardry for Cello and Orchestra
Snowfall for Piano and Orchestra
Rainfall for Piano and Orchestra

♬  Vocal

The UNCSA Cantata Singers premiere The Pines.  «  

Sonnet 116 for Soprano and Piano
The Parson's Son for Tenor and Speaking Pianist
The Spell of the Yukon for Soprano and Piano
Unforgotten for Soprano and Piano
Legacy for Soprano and Flute
Drowned Sailors for SATB
The Pines for SATB and Piano
The Cremation of Sam McGee for Baritone and Percussion
Tears! for Soprano, Clarinet, Cello, and Piano
Unstable Minds for Two Voices and Piano Four Hands
Amphigory for SATB and Ensemble

♬  Chamber

The explosive premiere of Shadow Waltz.  «  

Shadow Waltz for Two Curing, Piano/Ceng-Ceng, and opt. Celesta
The Shores Where the Sea Breaks its Back
                    for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Horn, and Piano
Of Ashen Waste for Flute and Guitar
Sonata for Violin and Piano
Machines Making Machines
                    for Piccolo, Viola, Baritone Saxophone, and Piano
Invasion of the Minor Seconds
                    for Pierrot Ensemble and Percussion
I Want to See You in the Summer for Flute Ensemble
Sonata for English Horn and Piano
Insomniana for Cello and Metronome
Four Paroxysms for String Quartet
Flight Portraits for Two Piccolos
Gossamer Limerence for Viola, Piano, and opt. Percussion
Toy Soldiers for Brass Quintet
Nocturne for Flute, Cello, and Piano
Dance! I & II for Piano Trio

♬  Solo

Dr. Jubal Fulks premieres Imaginary Poetry.  «  

Nonexistent Chimera for Alto Flute
The Elephant's Foot for Organ
Imaginary Poetry for Violin
Two Pieces for Guitar
The Wind Rider (Piano Sonata № 2)
Punctuation for Violin
Permutations: Mathematical Variations for Cello
Illuminations at Midnight for Percussion
Nightmare-Fantasy for Harp
The Unspeakable Thing for Contrabassoon
Variations on “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”
                    for Piano
Arianna Suite for Piano
Four Colors (Piano Sonata № 1)
Lydian Prelude for Piano

♬  Electroacoustic

Low & Lower rehearses Overdrive.  «  

Sands at Seventy for Soprano and Electronics
Overdrive for Cellist, Double Bassist, Electronics, and opt. Actor w/Siren

♬  Electronic

The premiere of “Kismet's Bend” (Cosmogyral).  «  

Hommage à Feldman et Brown
Dance-a-Day 2017
Five Dances
Christmas Dance

♬  Film Scores

A still from Mother Nature.  «  

Mother Nature
Before the Caps Fly

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